Date: 19/1/2019

I declare that with this command of mine I assign you responsible, according to your quality as an Estate Agent of Urban Contracts, to find and suggest for me a person who is interested in Our real estate which is sited in the region

Street & number

 Real estate’s type:
 Square meters (Neat) m2
 Square meters (Mixed) m2
 Number of Rooms
 Type of room
 Year of construction
 Lift Yes No
 Parking Yes No
 View Yes No
Other Information:  

I promise and I’m obliged to deposit to you, in case of drawing up the contract of the real estate mentioned above according to your suggestion or interference, the specially agreed fee which is estimated to be 2% plus VAT (Value Added Tax) upon the final real agreed price of the real estate.

This fee of yours, I personally believe to be fair, logical and not excessive and furthermore I’m obliged to deposit this sum of money the day of signing the leasing contract, the already agreed contract or the final contract or finally the day of the builder’s contract signature.

My personal data as an ownership of the real estate mentioned above are:

 Name & Surname
 Your father's Name & Surname
 Your wife's Name & Surname
 Joint owner
 Address of Residence
 Telephone of Residence
 Telephone at work:
 Mobile phone
 VAT number
 Number of Identification Card
 Other  information:

The data mentioned above are necessary just in case of legally entrusting your real estate on our office. We assure you that your personal data will be used with discreetness exclusively for the transaction procedure that will take place among us and they are not going to be published or used for any other reason.


For any other clarification or information please contact us


Homes Commercial real estate Lands


Homes Commercial real estate Lands

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